The 2016 season saw Azerbaijan become the latest addition to the Formula One calendar, with capital city Baku playing host to the fastest street circuit in Formula One racing, on a layout designed by renowned F1 track architect Hermann Tilke. 

Tilke's design married technical sectors with extreme straights to create a stunning circuit that also thrives on Baku's very attractive urban atmosphere and its great combination of history and 21st century style. The historic city centre, the beautiful seaside promenade and the impressive government house all combine to provide the perfect backdrop for the spectacular track.

The extremely narrow uphill section at the old town wall rewards pinpoint accuracy and courage, while the 2.2 kilometres along the promenade sees the cars running flat out at very high top speeds - an incredible spectacle for the race fans on track and the viewers at home.

FIA Formula 2 has seen some brilliant action, with overtaking galore into the first corner using the huge slipstream effect - however the circuit leaves no room for error, especially on the Castle Section, where the narrowest section of track on the calendar is waiting to catch drivers out!

Race One
Race Two



Round 2: Races 3-4

27-29 April, 2018