Located at Sakhir, 30 km south-west of the island's capital, Manama, the Hermann Tilke designed circuit contains no less than five track layouts within one complex.

The original 5.412 km Grand Prix circuit was designed with the spectator in mind, with 50,000 grandstand seats, all providing excellent views. Those spectators (a total of 100,000 over a race weekend) get to see the cars heading into the external desert area, before coming back into the oasis-styled infield.

The track lends itself to a host of overtaking opportunities, due to the long main straight and the possibility for drivers to fight back through turns 1-4, lending to some exciting racing. Most famously the titantic duel between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in 2014.

FIA F2 will hit the track during the day time, rather than the night time schedule for Formula 1. This will mean the drivers will need to manage their tyres in the sweltering heat of the desert, whilst duelling for victory in the first race of the new 2018 FIA F2 Car.

Race One
Race Two



2019 Bahrain Grand Prix

31 March, 2019